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Hi, My name is Rusty Harkins and I’m in the 8th grade at the Edgar Fahs Smith STEAM Academy. I like drawing and other kinds of art. What I like about art is that if I see something that I think is cool, I can draw it and have it in my possession. I also like birds. Whether it’s a prehistoric looking cassowary or a small little hummingbird, but my favorite bird in the whole entire world is a barn owl. Hope that this gives you some information to better know me.

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  1. Rusty! I also love birds! I have a bird clock at my house that makes bird calls every hour. Thanks for sharing.

  2. G’day Rusty,
    Great introduction! Here in Australia, we have just run our yearly Backyard Bird Count. You sit quietly somewhere (doesn’t have to be backyard) and count the birds you see in a 20 minute period. I submitted 5 different counts as each day I went somewhere different to do the count. Do you have something like that in USA?

    1. Hey Miss W. Thanks for commenting on my “All About Me.” Believe it or not, I have never herd of bird counting before, but it sounds like fun, so I definitely will try it. To answer your question about bird counting, I’m not completely sure if it is exactly like bird counting in Australia, but I am positives that it is a thing here. I have a question for you now. What is your favorite bird in the whole entire world. Cant wait to here back from you Miss W. Thanks again.

    1. Great choice for your favorite bird Miss W. I just searched what a lyrebird looks like. In my opinion, it kind of look like an American road runner mixed with a Pennsylvania grouse and a peacock because of the way that it spreads out its rely cool looking tail feathers. Two questions: Is there anything you need to do to participate in this bird count? And also, do you proffer song birds or birds of prey? My favorite bird in a barn owl, so I would pick bird of prey. Thanks for replying. One last question. I just watched the animated film, “Finding Nemo,” recently, and I was wondering are some species of pelican native to Australia?

    2. Sorry I didn’t put this all in one comment, but I was just reading the article that you sent me, and I pulled this right out of text, “The Superb Lyrebird looks like a large brown pheasant.” I said it looked like a road runner, grouse, and peacock. I guess pheasants and grouses look a little similar except I think pheasants look more like turkeys. How about You? Oh and sorry for all the questions.

  3. Rusty.
    I would have to say I prefer birds of prey as they are usually easier to identify than the small song birds we have in Australia. For the bird count, you have to be able to recognize the actual bird you are including in your count. On one count I did, I heard about 30 birds, saw about 15 of them but only recognized about 10. I need to learn more about them.

    We have a fantastic bird of prey in Tasmania called a wedge tailed eagle. It is magnificent watching them soaring in the thermals.

    You asked about pelicans. We do have an Australian pelican.

    1. Hi Miss W. Thanks for the bird counting tips and I will tone it down on the questions. I get confused by the song birds too. Most of the ones here in Pennsylvania are brow, grey, and boring. Maybe the most recognizable song bird in Pennsylvania is the cardinal. You guys in Australia have some pretty colorful birds. That’s one of the reasons why I want to visit Australia some day. I think it’s kind of cool that Australia has its own pelican. I have no idea haw many different kinds of pelicans there are in America. To help you out, you should be able to google “Australian Birds List with Pictures, Facts and Information.” I don’t know how to comment a link now, but I will learn soon. For now though, just try this. Tell me if this helps you identify a few of your backyard birds. Thanks for commenting.

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